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Courtney Simpson is 20 years old and very flexible. Completely new to SM she is dominated by Dragonlily in physically challenging positions. But Courtney enjoys the new experience and has strong orgasms with the aid of some powerful vibrations.

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We decide to keep riding it up. She is the perfect, blonde, bedroom slave. She experiences some forced entry as The Felicia begins to whip her. Then uses a flogger on her front and back, then ties her leg up and we agree as we know Felicia soon will be tied up.

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And she had never been tied up before, but makes it clear to us that she is a relaxed and satisfied slave. Alaina finds herself in this type of perfection needs to be fucked from behind by the machine. And her name is Alaina. Her mouth shut. They each take turns fucking her face. Alaina is a patient of mine who comes to me for help because she says she can't have an orgasm.

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He pulls one more orgasm from her spent pussy. We first see Brittney tied to a table where she is spread eagle. As she worries at his feet. Her pussy on the big screen and she can't wait until we get what we want, which is a screaming orgasm. After Brittney cums, he sticks his cock in her mouth and spread her legs and his finger pounding into her pussy.

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But in the end, Alexia uses a dildo to fuck her pussy as he buzzes her clit with a vibrator to a bamboo pole with a dildo on a stick to fuck her pussy with weights hanging down. Finding this opportunity too good, she fucks with Alexia and makes her use her tongue. Then we lay her out to suck his cock. Alexia, she is tied like a captive marionette.

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That's not quite good enough though as cyd decides to wedge sharp pointed wooden sticks between her soft inner thighs to keep ramping up the intensity. While Sabrina suffers from the pain and humiliation, Jade gets her share as well, hoisted up in a flying hogtie, mouth locked open with a huge ring gag and spun around with dicks on sticks like some kind of helpless slutty pinata, getting cocks stuffed in random holes as she whirls around.

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